How it works

We provide a shopping process and a cart via API and an administration. If you want to create an e-commerce, a mobile or a desktop application with a purchase option or even add microtransactions to your application, just connect to our API. If a customer buys an item or creates an order, the data are send to us and then displayed in the administration.


Sign Up

You need to sign up to use our services and products. We provide a free test environment, so you won't pay for development and testing.

The price list for the paid environment can be found here.

You can use prepared components or connect to our API yourself. It's up to you.

Use prepared components

Don't you want to program anything? Use our prepared web components that just needs to be configured. The look is arbitrary and easy to change.

Connect to API

We use GraphQL. You can connect from any platform. We have detailed documentation full of samples. Creating custom extensions is a matter of minutes.

Interaction and data sending

When customer interacts with the shopping process, the necessary data are send to us on the API. These data are automatically processed and clearly visualised in the administration.

Analyze results

All information about carts, orders and customers are visualised in administration in the form of beautiful graphs and detailed lists.

Go ahead. Give it a try.

Try it on your own. It is for free.