Braintree Configuration

In order to use Apicart Payments and our Braintree payments integration you have to create an account on the Braintree and our website.

Creating Braintree payment method

Go to the

In left menu, there is a section called checkout. Click on the Payment methods button. You will be redirected on a page with a list of all payment methods you have added.

In the top right part of the page, there is a circle button. Click on it and in the opened menu select Add payment method. Select Braintree. A page with a form for adding a new payment method will appear. 

Fill the following fields:

  • Name: Braintree
  • Description:  ACH Direct Debit, Apple Pay, Credit Cards, Google Pay, PayPal, Samsung Pay UnionPay, Venmo
  • Price: 0
  • Order: 1 (or which you want)
  • Active: Select it
  • Environment: Sandbox (for production environment it would be production)

Braintree administration and documentation

Braintree have a very good documentation full of usefull information and they have their own how to get started page.

To get the API keys and tokens you need to put into our administration you have sign in into the Braintree administration and to go on the Home page. Then in the top right corner, there is your profile picture. Click on it and in select My User.

Now, scroll to botom and there is a section called API Keys, Tokenization Keys, Encription keys. Click on the View Authorizations links and on the next page, generate the necessary tokens.

Now you can fill the missing information:

  • Public key: Public Key - In the top of the page
  • Merchant ID: Merchant ID - On the end of the page
  • Private key: Private key - You have to click on the view link in the Api Keys table

And thats all!

Now you can use PayPal, Venmo, Credit Cards and a lot more payment methods on your website and in any application through API or using prepared SDK.

In case of any question dont hesitate to contact us!

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