Adding payment gateway

Go to the

In left menu, there is a section called checkout. Click on the Payment methods button. You will be redirected on a page with a list of all payment methods you have added.

In the top right part of the page, there is a circle button. Click on it and in the opened menu select Add payment method. Select PayU. A page with a form for adding a new payment method will appear. 

Fill the following fields:

  • Name: PayU
  • Description: Master Card, Visa, Google Pay, BLIK
  • Price: 0
  • Order: 1
  • Active: Select it
  • Environment: Sandbox (for production environment it would be production)

Adding information from PayU

Information about how to integrate PayU payments can be found on page. The registration page into the sandbox from which you can get the secrets, tokens and other information is on the page.

Sign up and click on the Online payments tab in the top menu on the left side. On the overview page in the left menu, there is My shops button. Click on it. You will get on a shops list page. There, click on the POS button in the header.

On the shop detail, click on the name of your shop in the table in the POS column.

You will get on the page with secrets and tokens.

Now you can fill the rest of the missing information in the form in our administration

  • POS ID: POS ID (pos_id)
  • Signature key: Second key (MD5)
  • Client id: OAuth protocol - client_id 
  • Client secret: OAuth protocol - client_secret:

Click on save.

Now in the left menu, click on domains overview, select the domain you want to use and in the top menu, click on tokens. Copy the Payments API public token and paste it into the code instead of the current token.

Thats all! Now you can use PayU gateway through our API from any platform!

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