Apicart uses GraphQL query language for API. This API is used for interaction with data like getting and creating carts, finishing orders, getting statistics and etc.

There are two API addresses

  • - for free, used for development and testing before your application is released
  • - paid, used for production applications

If you go on the main page in your administration or and click on the Domains overview in the left menu, then edit selected domain and then in the top menu, if you click on the "tokens" tab, you will se 4 tokens. Two for payments and two for store.

  • Payment tokens - are used for Apicart Payments API in case you want to use some external Payment gateway
  • Store tokens - are used for working with our Apicart Store API
  • Public tokens - are used for operations that can your customers and users execute such as adding and removing products from the cart. This token can be publicly visible.
  • Private tokens - private tokens are used to access all API queries and mutations and they should not be public. They can be used for example on backend in administrations to get statistics or manipulate with orders.


In order to work with our API more easily, you can use the Chrome browser and install the ChromeiQL extension.


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