Item files (Products)

Mutations manipulating with products in cart (e.g. addCartItems or removeCartItems) are getting data from product files. These files describes the item and defines for example its name or price.

These files ensures that product data sent to our API are valid and makes shure that for example a product price cannot be modified by some attacker.

Product files are created automatically through the "Item module" in the Apicart administration and their URLs are always on the item detail page. You can also create these files yourself if you have the option to post them to some publicly available URL.

Currently supported format is JSON. You can view a content example here

(this file is actually used on

In order to add an item to the cart it must contain four mandatory information:

  • id (a unique product identifier e.g. IT0001)
  • name (item name e.g. Children's handmade knitted scarf)
  • price (item price e.g. 12)
  • taxRate (tax rate e.g 22)

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