Default Bundle

Default bundle is prepapared aplication that requires minimum configuration. It automatically generates category, dropdown and the whole checkout process. It is composed from components with default theme.

It contains:

  • Button, Buy Button, Buy Button with quantity
  • Cart dialog, Cart dropdown, Category, Checkout, Checkout dialog
  • Dialog, Drawer
  • Loader
  • Order dialog
  • Payment methods list
  • Shipping methods list


Usage in Node.js

  <apicart-default-bundle-cart-dropdown /><br>
  <apicart-bundle-default />

import { ApicartDefaultBundleSdk, ApicartDefaultBundleApp, ApicartDefaultBundleCartDropdown } from '@apicart/vue-components/lib';

  store: new ApicartSkeletonBundleSdk.Store({ token: 'abcd123' }),

export default {
  components: {


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